Simple Membership Database


Builds a membership database that can be extended to build membership based applications.  The database consists of two tables wp_smd_members and wp_smd_membermeta.  Functions are provided to upload membership lists, list members, select members by criteria, update members, delete members and establish a relationship between members and wordpress users.


Download the plugin from WordPress and activate using the Plugins – Add New menu in wp-admin.


The database code will be built using classes and OOP so that extension will be easy.  User documentation will be provided when the plugin is released. Areas covered will be:

  • upload membership list from csv
  • download membership list to csv
  • add member, optionally adding a WordPress user
  • delete member
  • update member
  • associate a WordPress user with a member
  • select members based on criteria


For support please Contact Devondev.

Thank you for your interest.